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At the school that pioneered the integration of psychology and Christian theology, students are equipped to serve with professionalism, grace, and truth. All are trained for their chosen vocations in an environment of clinical excellence, research innovation, and academic distinction.


The integration of psychology and theology is at the core of all our programs. Fuller offers solid academic training that cultivates excellence and professionalism undergirded by deep spiritual formation and theological understanding. Our faculty are not only highly respected scholars and practitioners in their fields, they are committed Christian disciples who interweave their faith organically into their courses, research projects, and clinical training.

More about Integration at Fuller

What do you want to do with your degree?


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Prepares you to work systemically with couples, families, and individuals

PsyD in Clinical Psychology Emphasizes the provision of therapy and assessment services to diverse populations in various settings, including private practice

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Prepares you to provide therapy and assessment services


PhD in Clinical Psychology Prepares you to teach in undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral settings

PsyD in Clinical Psychology Prepares you to teach in many undergraduate and graduate settings


PhD in Clinical Psychology Prepares you to generate and publish research on psychological topics

PsyD in Clinical Psychology Prepares you to understand and apply existing research to alleviate suffering and help clients thrive

Which Program is right for you? Get guidance from our dean.


Our faculty are closely involved in each student’s training experience, helping shape the development of their clinical skills and knowledge through classroom instruction, small group consultations, and direct supervision. Our clinical training features the following:

licensed supervision at over 50 local clinics, universities, and hospitals

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«The renewal of long-term industrial cooperation links is very useful» Minister for trade of the Eurasian Economic Commission

Regional trade agreements. Free trade areas Regional trade agreements - the agreements whereby members accord preferential treatment to one another, concluded by two or more countries to establish a free trade area (FTA), a customs union or other unions with a higher level of integration.

Глеб Щелкунов / Коммерсантъ

«The renewal of long-term industrial cooperation links is very useful»

Interview with Andrey A. Slepnev, Minister for trade of the Eurasian Economic Commission, for kommersant.ru

— The Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union will secure the achievements of the Eurasian integration project and allow to implement to the full extent the concept of free circulation of goods, services, capital and labor within the Common Market. No fundamentally new rules will appear from January 1st. So it won’t bring any dramatic changes for ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs.

The single market for goods in the framework of the Union already exists de facto, while the full launch of single market for services is the next key step. Part of the services – about 30 sectors – should be provided within the single market right from January 1, 2015. For other sectors – financial services, transport, telecommunications and construction - the governments have agreed to create single markets in the coming years. This is most important as these sectors form up to a half of economy. And this is the most serious integrative step, which is implemented in the Treaty on EAEU.

All the significant mechanisms in the sphere of foreign trade regulation have already been developed in the framework of the Customs Union; there won’t be any revolutions here. But with the Treaty the Eurasian Union will obtain legal entity as a subject of international law and the right to be Party to international treaties. For sure, such contracting decisions will be taken by the Union member-countries, but the treaties, signed by EAEU, will form rights and obligations for all the member-countries automatically.

Also, as provided by the Treaty, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) obtains the competence and the task of assisting export of CU goods.

— I believe the absolutely no exemptions market status can’t be achieved actually, as, for example, it’s impossible to create chemically pure elements in real life. We’ve got exemptions in security field: for military equipment, dual – use items, weapons. Alcohol is in the exemptions list now, but we are on the way of converging excise duties. Creation of single market for medicines and medical equipment also was agreed upon. As for the oil and gas exports a program on energy market harmonization shall be completed no later than 2018, while all the exemptions shall be eliminated by 2025, including limitation to pipelines access.

The renewal of long-term industrial cooperation links is very useful, but integration has many other quite practical positive effects. Bigger market, more investment attractiveness, more stability, new opportunities for sectors’ development and its’ diversification. A single market injects competition of jurisdictions, that is important for institutional development. Decision-making procedure in the EAEU is such that that it is necessary to take into account all the interests; consequently we get regulation of better quality. To sum it up, integration affects the economic structure positively.

Serious protectionism in many sectors remains one of the main problems just as well as attempts to receive certain preferences and inability or lack of necessary experience of competing in global economy. Creating the CU, and now the Eurasian Union, accession to the WTO – all these steps are aimed at creating the conditions for governmental and regional authorities, entrepreneurs to learn to work on global market. It’s a pool with sharks and one has to behave appropriately.

— No true-to-fact comprehensive data to analyze the impact on the markets of the Customs Union may be expected within the first one or two months after the sanctions were imposed.

The fast to come and inevitable effect is a speculative price increase. In particular, price increase for socially important goods can be specified as a key negative consequence of the trade restrictions for CU consumers.

As for manufacturers, they could use emerging opportunities to strengthen their market positions, though it will require assessment of long-term effects and timely measures. It should be understood that the restrictions are temporary, and in the future the Russian market will face imports of competitive "sanctioned" products again.

—Belarussian suppliers can increase supply of dairy, meats and fruit and vegetables; Kazakhstan can also replace import of certain plant and meat food products. However, this does not mean that Russian manufacturers would be infringed.

Firstly, the scale of the required import substitution in the Russian market is such, that manufacturers of all three countries will be able to increase production simultaneously.

Secondly, such integrative development of the Union internal market will enhance the quality of products due to increasing competition. Further on, this factor gives the goods of the Customs Union added value while trading in foreign markets.

—With trade barriers removed in 2011 mutual trade was growing faster than foreign trade, in 2012 – three times faster. Now this effect has already gone to the base. The long-term effects of integration are appearing now, that involves creation of new production facilities aimed to supply the common market demand and development of cross-sector and intrasectoral cooperation.

The structure of mutual trade also shows positive effects: the share of engineering products in mutual trade is eight times higher than in trade with third countries, and the share of oil, gas and energy resources in mutual trade, in contrast, declined from 40% to 32%.

In 2012 Russia exported to Belarus –2.2 times more cars, than in 2011; to Kazakhstan 4.3 times more. As for the last year export of cars to the countries of the CU increased by 43.8%. As for the trucks, in 2012, the growth of Russian export in the CU increased by 37%, in 2013 – by 86.2%. Supplies of components and various technological equipment are growing.

As for the last year export of hoist engines from Kazakhstan increased almost fivefold, refrigerators – in 4.5 times, various metal – rolling machines – in 5 times, land transports – in 2.6 times. New production facilities of rail transport, agricultural and chemical products appear. They are developing in partnerships with foreign companies, as well as with Russian and Belarusian companies. For example, there are joint projects on vehicles with AvtoVAZ, similar projects with BelAZ are in negotiation.

By the end of 2013 the mutual trade began to decline, and in first six months trend continued. Evidently, there is some correction after the high base set in previous years, but there are also objective factors: the format of trade of oil and oil products between Russia and Kazakhstan had changed which reduced the cost volumes, and demand for investment goods decreased in the CU, consumer demand also slows down. Finally, the competition with foreign goods increases in the context of WTO.

Sectoral cooperation and coordinated industrial policy will now give the major effect to trade.

— A number of countries expressed their interest in this or that manner. Obviously we cannot hold negotiations with everybody physically, and there is no need for it, especially now, when we are embedded in the WTO.

Two tracks – with New Zealand and with European Free Trade Association – were suspended for political reasons; and it’s not a secret.

Now we are actively negotiating with Vietnam. Soon the joint research group with Israel will start their work; – this step is performed prior to the actual negotiations. Soon the similar research will start with India. The decision on renewal of a joint research group with Egypt was taken.

A step toward free trade is not an ultimate goal, but a tool for trade facilitation between countries or blocks.

Each country has its own priorities. We look toward offering our enterprises the areas we are strong in: energy, oil and gas, transport. Appropriately we hold negotiations on integrated cooperation, not only on the matters of trade regulations.

Through the network of treaties we hope to give impetus to the development of those competencies of our enterprises that are globally in demand. Ideally, entrepreneurs will see concrete prospects not only in Eurasian Union market, and will come out to Asia – Pacific Region, for example, the region, which is now terra incognita for a good many. Tourism and various engineering services can be developed there. We give a really good tool that should be applied to specific business interests.

—Customs services are working on this problem all the time, and it is clear that these flows periodically change routes. The problem still exists and it is rather voluminal. In late August, we agreed with the Minister of Commerce of China to start negotiations on Information Exchange Agreement. Negotiations may start as early as the end of this year. We would like to build a system in a way that those who work legally will have additional preferences for import of goods, including preferences in customs processing.

—This project is extremely valuable now. And it’s very good that WTC and Kommersant have undertaken it. Business has to understand its interests clearly. Business has to decide clearly what to present to the world, to believe in it. Certainly there are people in the world, who need the defined product, which is produced by a special enterprise somewhere in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The problem is in lack of mutual information and contacts.

The EEC is responsible for formation of trade regimes, and we have to understand what entrepreneurs are ready to export and where they see attractive markets. Such map of interests will form the basis of our guidelines for negotiations on trade regimes and other arrangements.

We understand that it is not limited to our traditional industries. There are so many things we can’t even guess. And that’s mighty good.

© 1991–2017 AO «Kommersant». All rights reserved.

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Amelie’s story

Two-year-old Amelie had a new baby brother. Amelie was much loved and her parents expected that she would welcome baby Noah with their support. Although Amelie was loving towards the baby, she became very clingy to her mother, started to show off when visitors came to admire the baby and no longer wanted to go to the playgroup that she had always loved. Her parents gave her as much time and love as they could and allowed her to decide for herself whether or not to go to playgroup. Over the next few weeks Amelie gradually became more like her old happy self and one day said that she would like to go to playgroup again.

Everybody’s life has ups and downs

Adults sometimes look back on their childhood as a time when they were always happy, but life’s ups and downs are a part of childhood too. Children need to build resilience skills to be able to both enjoy good times and deal with hard times. Helping children learn how to manage life’s ups and downs and build their coping skills supports their mental health and wellbeing now and into the future.Feeling good protects mental health and wellbeing.

Did you know that experiencing positive emotions such as joy, pleasure and having fun are essential experiences for building and maintaining a healthy mind across our whole lives?

Skills and qualities that help children cope with life’s ups and downs

Children develop these skills and qualities and learn to keep a balance over time, initially through their experiences in coping with small stresses with help from supportive adults. When bigger stresses come along, even though at first they might feel quite distressed, children can draw on what they have learned about helping themselves to cope and feel better. Looking to others for support continues to be an effective way of coping.

How are your child’s resilience skills developing?

Resilience is the ability to cope with life’s ups and downs. Children’s resilience is enhanced when they:

Feeling optimistic and hopeful are key parts of mental health and wellbeing.

This information has been adapted from the International Resilience Project

See also:

Supporting children to cope with stress

Resilience: Further resources

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